Flame Throwing Competition takes place at the Island View Casino

Cruisin’ the Coast is turning up the heat.

The annual Flame Throwing Competition was tonight at the Island View Casino Parking Lot in Gulfport. Hot rods competed for who is the hottest.

Fire flames lit up the faces of Cruisers as cars ignite from their exhaust pipes.

Two awards were earned by the crowd favorite and the Island View voted favorite. Each winner is awarded $300. Poplarville resident Harvey McMurray said, “Year before last was my first time to compete and I was quite an amateur at it. We’ve got a few more systems this year and a few more bells and whistles. We’re going to see if we can give the people a good show tonight. We’re going to get a little bit higher and a little bit hotter, a little bit more fire. So, we got the lights, the sirens, the air horn, everything that goes with a regular fire truck.”

With over 8,727 cars registered for Cruisin’ the Coast, the 2019 record was broken today.

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