Flag Line Honors Chattanooga Victims

A ceremony outside of the Armed Forces Career Center brought together veterans and community members on the Gulf Coast.
Military veterans and community members stood outside the Armed Forces Career Center this morning, honoring the four Marines and one Navy sailor killed last week in Chattanooga and to show support for the recruiters here on the Coast.
Sammy Alspaugh, United States Marine veteran, said, “Our men, our brothers, aren’t allowed to carry arms at recruitment offices. So, as long as we protect our brothers out here where we can help them and still be part of our brotherhood, it’s a good thing, you know and we’re proud Americans, every one of us.”
Alspaugh served in the Marine Corps for five years and supports the idea of arming military personnel in recruitment centers, especially since they receive proper training handling guns. “You teach us how to carry a gun, you teach us how to use it and then you don’t want us to carry it when we’re home. You know, sometimes you need stuff when you’re home, you gotta be careful you know.”
The outpouring of support is not just here in the flag line with veterans and community members. People driving by in their cars were honking and waving in support of the demonstration.
Ed Baker, organizer of the flag line, said, “You can never say thank you too many times, usually you hear criticism, you know constantly, and very rarely do you hear thank you, this is our way of saying thank you.”
Navy veteran Ed Baker organized the ceremony with a spur of the moment ad on Facebook. “I just want to thank like-minded individuals for being out here to show their appreciation to these men and women serving our county. And also, don’t forget about the four marines and one sailor that lost their lives and that’s the other reason we’re out here, as a memory of those individuals.”
Ed Baker says it took three days to organize the flag line and he hopes he can do more positive events like this in the future.

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