Flag Day Ceremony

Today we look back at the lives sacrificed so we can fly the flag high today and some who now live at the Armed Forces Retirement Home in Gulfport still remember the faces of those who paid the ultimate price for our flag and freedom.

They, and others, were on hand today for the Armed Forces Retirement Homes annual Flag Day Ceremony.

Veterans and active duty members of the military gazed up at Old Glory as the National Anthem played to honor the 245th birthday of this iconic American symbol during the Armed Forces Retirement Home’s annual Flag Day Ceremony, an event residents look forward to throughout the year.

They served in different branches of the military, but on this day they stand firm on a unified front, their love for our flag as well as their appreciation for the freedom to fly it high, thanks to the sacrifices of their brothers and sisters in arms.

Guest speaker Alan Smith said, “The flag has always held the support we needed. We always had to have something to represent us and it represented us well.”

The flag was adopted by the United States back in 1777 and veterans at the Armed Forces Retirement Home say they spent countless hours reflecting on what the flag means to them. Veteran Tony Langdon said, “Well, it means I am proud to be an American. When I hear the Pledge of Allegiance and National Anthem, it makes me proud to be an American especially in remembrance of all the fallen comrades that fell when I was over in Vietnam. The flag means a lot to me.”

To these veterans, the flag is not just a piece of fabric. It’s a representative piece of cloth interwoven with the threads that make up centuries of our nation’s history. The stripes are symbolic of our country’s first 13 states. The stars represent our 50 states in the union today and above all the hope of a brighter future. “I’ve seen tyranny and what tyranny will do to a country. I see the freedom it represents for every American, not just a singled out few, but every American. They’re able to see that every time that the flag waves in the wind that they live in a country that is free and a democracy,” said Smith.

As time marches on, one thing remains clear, the pride veterans have for our flag.


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