Fixin’ the Coast looking to better the local cat community

One organization is helping heal the cat communities across the Coast one trap at a time.

Fixin’ the Coast’s goal is to spay, neuter, and vaccinate as many felines as possible to help stabilize the population of strays.

While cats may be hard to catch though, the team fills cat traps with cat food or sardines to lure cats into them.

They then take the cats to local vets and shelters, such as the Humane Society of South Mississippi and Coast Veterinarian Hospital, to get the help they need before safely releasing them back into their communities. Fixin’ the Coast President Cindy Arceneaux said, “We’re trying to stabilize the population of homeless cats. There’s a lot of strays, a lot of abandoned pets and a lot of reproduced from those animals that have been left behind. We can’t stand seeing all the suffering.”

For more questions or to learn how to volunteer, contact If you would like to donate, search that same email on PayPal.

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