First Step To Repeal Obamacare Passes

Senate Republicans have kick started efforts to repeal and replace President Obama’s landmark Affordable Care Act.
After an overnight marathon, they approved a budget blueprint with a 51 to 48 vote around 1 a.m. Thursday morning.
While Republicans insisted the measure is necessary, Democratic leaders like Senator Bernie Sanders warned that thousands of people would die if Obamacare was repealed.
The house is expected to vote as early as Friday which may lead to creating drafts of a second bill to roll back parts of Obamacare.
It will be weeks before Congress votes on the bill, but this move is a big step in the GOP led effort to overhaul the healthcare system.
Here’s what Mississippi Senator Roger Wicker had to say: “Obamacare is not working. It isn’t working in my home state of Mississippi. It’s not working for millions of Americans who lost their health insurance. It’s not working for millions of Americans who saw their premiums rise and seen their deductibles go to unimaginable heights”
Questions still loom on what will replace the Affordable Care Act should a repeal go through.

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