First responders prepare for Tropical Storm Barry

While you make your preparations for the incoming weather, first responders are doing the same, gearing up for what Tropical Storm Barry may bring.

First responders are stressing the importance of ‘turn around, don’t drown’ in case flooding occurs in your area.

Harrison County Fire Marshal Pat Sullivan tells News 25 while it may be a good time to review hurricane plans for residents, first responders are taking the storm very serious. “A lot of people are taking this as practice for a big storm, but remember this, if we lose any lives in this storm because somebody doesn’t take it serious and does not heed the warning of ‘turn around, don’t drown’, then we haven’t done our job of getting that word out and we have failed to prepare the public.”

Sullivan tells News 25 studies show an increase in deaths coming from people not being cautious when it comes to flooding concerns.

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