First Missionary Baptist and Handsboro Baptist Worship Together for the First Time

In light of racial division throughout the nation, two Gulfport churches, one predominately black and one predominately white, have united.
Tonight, the two churches performed as one choir. News 25’s Shelby Myers has the story.
Sherry Nave and her sister Debbie Nicholson have attended Handsboro Baptist Church in Gulfport since they were born in the late 50s. “Something like a mass choir of this scope and this fantastic opportunity wouldn’t have happened then,” said Nave.
First Missionary Baptist Church and Handsboro Church have been places of worship in the Gulfport community for over 150 years but for the first time tonight, they worshipped together.
Pastor S.V. Adolph with Missionary Baptist Church said, “because of so many things that are happening in our country from a moral perspective, it’s high time that we put aside whatever differences, put aside whatever things that have had us divided, race included that we put those things aside and begin working on things that we know we agree on.”
For the past week, the choirs from both churches have united to learn each other’s songs. With the racially charged shooting in Charleston still fresh on the minds of America, Sherry Nave says if you’re looking for racism in Gulfport, it’ll be tough to find it within these church walls. “From the first night we rehearsed with these brothers and sisters, it was all about the music and glorifying God. There wasn’t any separation at all.”
Both Pastor Adolph of First Missionary Baptist Church and Pastor Joey Bennett of Handsboro Baptist Church say they hope the unison of their churches will inspire others to do the same.

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