First Lady of Mississippi reads to Popp’s Ferry Elementary students

Inspiring children to read and love each other is what Deborah Bryant is all about. Today in Biloxi, News 25’s Jaylon Morris visited Popp’s Ferry Elementary School as the First Lady read books to the students.
Students at Popp’s Ferry Elementary were full of excitement greeting the first lady of Mississippi Deborah Bryant today as she stopped by to read to classes with the most accelerated reader points. The students showed why they were recently ranked the number one elementary school in the state. “These kids were amazing. They did very well on their reading because some of those words were hard words.”
Students are currently preparing for the gateway test which third graders need to pass to be promoted to the fourth grade. As Bryant promotes education within the state of Mississippi, she knows the importance of reading. “It’s very important because by the time they get to the third grade, they’ve got to know how to read. So, when they get to the fourth grade, they read to learn.”
The first lady taught the students it is okay to have different looks. Topics like kindness and bullying came up in the reading of her books. The students were nervous at first then they started to hang loose. “The children were very interactive. They had a lot of good questions, a lot of good comments, they seemed to really get what you were talking to them about,” said Bryant.
Bryant noted that teaching children at a young age to be kind and not bully one another can possibly prevent school shootings and make the world a better place. “I try to tell the kid’s number one to be respectful and all of the kids were telling me what they needed to be so these kids get it.”
Before the first lady left, she made sure to hug every student and let them know: “They’re all special. We are all created differently and that’s a good thing because wouldn’t it be boring if we weren’t.”

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