First of its kind smart neighborhood to be built in Lauderdale County

Smart homes are coming to Mississippi thanks in part to Mississippi Power.

The company announced Tuesday their partnership with Southern Company to build the first smart neighborhood in the world exclusively featuring the Tesla solar roof.

Earlier this summer, Mississippi Power and Tesla installed the first solar roof in the state on a Habitat for Humanity home in Hattiesburg.

They’re using the data collected there to research how the Tesla solar roof performs in southeast Mississippi.

Residents in these homes will have access to energy efficient appliances, power wall batteries, and smart home technology. Mississippi Power Spokesman Jeff Shepard said, “If you’re at work and you’ve set your thermostat at 78 degrees, but you like the house to be a little bit cooler when you get home, you can bump it down a couple degrees and while you’re driving home, the house is starting to cool down, and you walk in, and you’re right there at the temperature you want it set at. So that’s a convenience factor that I think people will be very interested in. We’re really excited to learn how our customers are going to be using these types of technologies moving forward. We anticipate these are the things that customers are going to want in their lives.”

Enzor Place Homes will have approximately 45 homes in phase one with 100 to 150 planned for the full development.

Construction is scheduled to begin in early 2021 in Lauderdale County.

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