First day of school at D’Iberville High School

D’Iberville High School was back in the classroom today.
School officials say ACT and state test scores were up from last year, along with attendance and graduation rates. Their motto of empowering excellence in everyone is how they expect to continue this growth.
Focusing a large amount on ACT prep and preparing students for post high school education is also a priority for the students and teachers. D’Iberville High student Joshua said, “My goal for this year and it’s actually more of a challenge is balancing all my organizations and balancing and being able to be a part of these organizations and also keep high academic grades which is a 98 and above. That’s my goal in all classes, AP, no matter how tough the subject.
The school has also increased the amount of dual credit courses offered which allows students to gain college credits for classes they take in high school.

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