First class in the state to build a tiny house

Students in the construction trades program at Ocean Springs High School are building something big and the class is the first in the state of Mississippi to take on the project.
Hard work and a whole lot of problem solving, that’s how these students at Ocean Springs High School are building a tiny house. The construction trades class is the first program in the state to take on the project. Junior Landon Merrill said, “We’ve done framing. I’ve put a tin roof on it, done siding, trim.”
With funding won through a state grant, the construction trades students started working on the house in October and now, it’s really starting to take shape. These students are using construction basic skills in electrical work, plumbing, and carpentry to build what you’d find in a typical real-life home.
Students tell News 25 the skill they’re learning in the two-year construction trades program could open doors for future career opportunities. High School senior Kayla Noble wants to be an engineer. “It’s helped me to know that I like working in construction.”
Student Jaden Smith said, “What I learned from this class was leadership and how to work together as a team because when we get stuff done as a team we get stuff done faster and more efficiently.”
Building the tiny house is teaching these students some pretty big lessons. Construction trades teacher Ernie Lebatard said, “They see what they worked on. They see what they’ve done. They started from the ground up and when they finish a product they get to see that good hard work pays off in the end.”
“It’s made me feel good because we started from nothing and made it into something.”
When the tiny house is complete the class wants to auction it off.

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