Firework safety tips

If you plan on ringing in the new year with a bang by setting off fireworks here are a few tips to keep in mind to keep everyone safe.

Biloxi Fire Department Deputy Chief Caleb Hudson tells News 25 to make sure that you’re not in a big crowd of people and the fireworks are well away from and not pointed toward any person.

Chief Hudson warns pieces of the fireworks, if lit too close to someone, can hit people in the face or get in someone’s eyes. Simply having a firework pop near someone can cause burns.

Keeping water near is also a good idea, says Chief Hudson, in case a firework doesn’t go off. Don’t touch the firework. Just douse it with water.

While fireworks can often cause injury to extremities, they can also cause more serious damage. “A lot of times, like we said, it’s due to the extremities by the misuse and mishandling of it. It’s also been known to cause fires too. If you are to set off a firework and it goes under the car or under the house– so that’s something to be vigilant about. Make sure that everything’s out of the way before you use your fireworks.”

If you do run into trouble while setting off fireworks you can always call 911.

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