Firework Cleanup

Sand Beach Authority crews were hard at work in Harrison County this morning. They were picking up leftover trash from the Fourth of July weekend.
News 25’s Laurene Callander reports on the cleanup.
What lights the sky on the Fourth of July invades the Gulf Coast beaches the following day. An eyesore for many, resident James Lewis said, “I just start picking up a lot of it myself, just putting it away. Make the beach look pretty, you know it looks pretty ugly with all the garbage.”
Lewis sees the beach as a place to clear his mind. It disappoints him to see the sand covered with trash. His solution: “Let’s just do our part to put the garbage where it belongs. Put the trash in its place.”
Even though some locals took it upon themselves to pick up trash, the Harrison County Sand Beach Authority crews began their cleanup early, expecting to collect over 30 tons of trash. Director of the Harrison County Sand Beach Authority Chuck Loftis said, “If you look around, there’s quite a few cans that we have that are completely empty, but it is something that we’re used to. We gear up for it every year.”
One hundred and twenty five additional trashcans were planted along the Coast, bringing the total to about 450. While many were not used, there was one change in Gulfport and Biloxi that decreased the amount of trash. “The one in Biloxi was a very highly used area before with fireworks, but since they made it a no-firework zone that’ll help us out tremendously,” said Loftis.
Officials hope to scoop all the garbage within a week.

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