Firework businesses around the Coast preparing for the New Year’s holiday

With New Year’s Eve just right around the corner, fireworks stores and tents are popping up around the Coast.

Wilson Fireworks has six different locations along the Gulf Coast including Ocean Springs, Saucier, Moss Point and Poplarville.

Owner Barbara Wilson tells News 25 that the sales have been pretty slow recently which came as a surprise since we are close to the big night of celebration.

Wilson said she asked one of her customers why they wait until the day before or night of to purchase their fireworks and she received an interesting response. “I’ve actually asked people ‘why do you guys wait until the last minute?’ and most of them tell me ‘Well, miss Barbara, if we come in now, we don’t have the abilities to not shoot it off tonight so we’ll still be in that line’… so we said okay well as long as you don’t mind being in a little bit of a line.”

For those also waiting until the last minute to buy their fireworks, Wilson’s opens at 9 a.m.

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