Firearm safety course in Gulfport

If you’re interested in owning a gun, but don’t know safety steps of using one, the Gulfport Police Department offers a firearm safety course once a month. News 25’s Taylor Rubach has more on the importance of handgun safety.
Having a firearm ready in case of emergency can have its advantages, but learning the proper way to use it could pay off in the long run. Gulfport resident Edward Carranza said “I think it’s very important and it’s something you need to know even if you never use it rather than needing to use it and not know how to.”
Carranza says learning about gun safety is something that always sparked his interest, especially after growing up with friends who like to hunt. “Just kind of basic overview, knowing how to shoot a gun knowing when to use a gun, regulations where I can and cannot go and take it, whether it is open carry or concealed carry, you know, just a lot about it.”
Every month the Gulfport Police Department offers this firearm safety class, hoping to better educate the public. Lt. Phillip Kincaid said, “A lot of people have a misconception that the gun can hurt you and the gun can’t jump off of a counter at anybody, it’s the person that has the weapon that can do the harm. Basically understanding the nomenclature of the weapon, how it operates, how it works, and when and when not to use it is imperative.”
Lt. Kincaid is helping teach the course and making sure participants know four core safety rules when dealing with a gun. “One of the things we teach in the class is to always treat every weapon as if it’s loaded, to never put your finger on the trigger until you’re ready to pull it, to fire, always be cognizant of where the rounds are going and just to be comfortable with a gun.”

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