Fire on Jim Ramsey Road in Jackson County

A fire broke out on Jim Ramsey Road in Jackson County in a wooded area.

According to a firefighter, the fire burned four acres. The fire skipped over the road to where houses were located, but no damage to homes or injuries were reported.

Coastal resident Deana Montesanto says she was on her way to pick up her father, who lives on Jim Ramsay Road, for a doctor’s appointment when she noticed flames in the air.

She says she and her father missed the doctor’s appointment to stay at home and make sure no fire reached his house behind Fayard Chapel. “A fire truck passed me and when I pulled onto the end of Jim Ramsey by the community center here, you could see the smoke in the woods and we were afraid to leave because you could hear the crackle, you could see the fire and there were a lot of fire trucks, a lot of deputies and the fire trucks they did a hell of a job.”

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