Fire at Moss Point High School

Students at Moss Point High School stayed home today after part of the campus was destroyed by a fire. Moss Point officials believe arson could be the cause.
It was not your typical Monday morning at Moss Point High School. Police lights and yellow tape surrounded the school after a fire damaged parts of the east side of the campus just after midnight.
Moss Point Fire Chief Tommy Posey said, “We do have a good bit of heavy damage as far as water and smoke throughout the building. We’re trying to finish our investigation as quickly as possible so the school system can overhaul and get that portion of the building back up and running.”
Classes were cancelled today as law enforcement began its investigation and administration worked to determine how much property was damaged in the blaze.
Officials believe the cause could be arson after looking through images from Moss Point High School security cameras. Three males were seen inside the building from 11 p.m. until roughly 12:15 a.m.
Classrooms, lockers, desks, and more have been ruined in the fire. While officials work to get a monetary figure for the damage, they’re also getting a game plan together to keep the school year on track. Moss Point Police Chief Art McClung said, “The quicker we can get the kids in school, the better. But as a police department, we don’t want to rush the investigation because we don’t want to miss anything. We want to turn over every rock so we can find these people and bring them to justice.”
Meanwhile, the Moss Point NAACP is calling on the community to get involved. NAACP President Curley Clark said, “I think the community needs to come forward and make it known that we are not going to stay silent when things like this occur. We need to come forward and help the police do their jobs and make sure that these types of actions don’t continue to happen in Moss Point.”
The Moss Point NAACP is offering a $500 reward to anyone who helps lead to the arrest.

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