Final Stages of Construction Project in Gulfport

The final stages of an improvement project in Gulfport are finally underway for residents living in the subdivisions off of Lorraine Road.
Paving started today on the roads that were torn up in order for the city to upgrade the Oakleigh Manor and the Retreat Village subdivision water system.
This starts the final phases of the project to improve fire protection in the subdivisions.
An engineering director with the project is asking for residents to stay clear of the paving area and avoid parking in the vicinity of the construction. Director of Waggoner Engineering Gulf Coast Division Billy Waits said, “It’s a better constructed system with more valves that will be able to isolate the lines if they break, instead of having to turn off the whole subdivision to repair a line, we can isolate it and reduce the people that are out of water at any time.”
Officials with the project tell News 25 the City of Gulfport has heard many complaints from the residents the construction is affecting. The paving will repair the roads that were worked on. They expect the work to be completed in two weeks.

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