Final recommendations for joint land use

The Board of Engineers presented final recommendations for the 16 month long joint land use study of the Seabee Base.
They recommended creating a military overlay district, mainly in Gulfport where the base is located, plus the Woolmarket area as well. Officials would identify areas for future development and place boundaries where future residents would be aware of the noise and mission of the base.
Engineers involved in this study tell News 25 the public input was essential in putting together these final recommendations to create a stronger community in Harrison County. Project Manager Ray Greer said, “We did a series of workshops. We’ve also set up outside these board meetings tables just to get input we’ve also conducted surveys and we have a website where the final report can be accessed, all the maps can be accessed, and as it goes through implementation the website will also be up.”
Officials are waiting for the Department of Defense Office of Economic Adjustment to approve the grant.

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