Fighting gang activity

The Mississippi Legislature continues in regular session and could soon be one step closer to fighting gang activity in the state.
Another member of the Simon City Royal gang on the Mississippi Gulf Coast was sentenced. Sherry Lynn Emile pled guilty to one count of conspiracy to commit kidnapping and one count of kidnapping. She was sentenced to 30 years with 23 years to serve.
To help combat gang activity, Senator Wiggins reintroduced Senate Bill 2868. News 25 reached out to Senator Wiggins about the bill and here’s what he had to say. “Today’s report documents exactly while I re-filed this important gang legislation. With all 82 counties in our state recorded gang activity, our prosecutors need additional tools that will allow them to get at these gangs’ tactics and funding operations that will result in longer prison terms, higher fines, and more convictions. My Senate colleagues and I were disappointed that this bill did not pass last session, but I believe this report elevates the need for the bill’s reconsideration and debate.”
According to the Mississippi Department of Corrections, out of the 82 counties in the state, Harrison County came in first in 2017 for the most gang members incarcerated.

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