The Fight For Photos At Inmate Visits

Mississippi Prisons do not allow photos to be taken during an inmate’s visitation hours and one local woman is trying to change that. A Photoshop picture is the closest thing to picayune resident Jennifer Bynum’s has to a real photograph of her and her soon to be husband who’s been doing time in state prison for 14 years. She says Mississippi is one of six states that don’t allow photos to be taken at prisons during an inmate’s visitation hours. Because of this statute Bynum and her fiancé Jonathon Davis’s memories are only captured through drawings. Bynum has created a petition hopes to change the law with over 200 supporters standing behind her. Jennifer Bynum tells News 25, “Yeah they did something wrong, they’re doing their time, they’re serving their sentence, why should everyone be made to suffer for it. Pictures are a small thing. I don’t think it’s too much to ask.” In a statement Mississippi department of corrections officials tell News 25 accessories used in the taking of photographs are contraband. They say other states that outlaw photos allow inmates to request them during visitations by paying a fee to the facility. Procedure MDOC doesn’t have the staff to devote to.

You Can Sign The Petition here.

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