The fight against human trafficking

Modern day slavery. It’s hard to believe it exists, but it does. Sex trafficking is the fastest growing crime in the world and it happens right here in South Mississippi.

News 25’s Toni Miles takes us to a meeting by the Harrison County Republican Women in Gulfport today where people across the state took on this tough subject.

Imagine your child or loved one has been targeted, a sex trafficker watching and waiting for that ideal moment to pounce. It happens to one person every 30 seconds. Sex trafficking victims advocate Kathy Brummett said, “It happens in every state, including Mississippi. There’s always more activity around interstates. The interstates that run through Mississippi just create even more of a problem and an issue.”

Sex and labor trafficking is the fastest growing criminal industry in the world, crossing state and international lines with the internet also serving as an international portal for this crime. “Social media literally puts that child global and that people they don’t have any idea about are watching them, following them, learning their habits, learning their patterns and then going to lure them,” said Brummett. “All computers, all phones should be brought to the parent’s room before 9 at night so there is no activity that the parents are unaware of. Of course, there are always guards and locks that can be put on computers as well.”

Locals are fighting back with education and a message that will be sprawled across Coast billboards soon.

Harrison County Women’s Republican Women President Penny Payne said, “We are concerned for all people, not just women, but women are the most effected and so we thought what a perfect opportunity for us to make a difference in people’s lives. We’re trying to get one on Interstate 10 which is a huge corridor for human trafficking. Hopefully we’ll be able to get that very soon.”

A message this group hopes to drive home everywhere.

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