Fight continues to keep mental health services

As the Mental Health Association of South Mississippi continues to fight to keep vital services available to the Coast, last month’s ‘Don’t Worry, Be Happy’ fundraiser helped in the efforts tremendously.

According to Executive Director Kay Daneault, an anonymous donor who attended last month’s event committed to ‘doing whatever it takes’ to make Mental Health Association of South Mississippi reach this goal.

The association has now met their goal of $75,000 and Daneault says they couldn’t be happier, but there is still work to be done. “We’re excited that things are going well. Is everything perfect in the mental health world as far as do we have enough providers, those kinds of things, no. It’s not anywhere near perfect. That’s okay, you know, people are working on it. We just really want folks to think about their own self and their family and is there somebody who needs help? How can we get them that help and help them get better?”

The next Mental Health Association of South Mississippi event will take place during the holiday season.

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