Fifth annual Margaritaville 5k

The 5th annual Margaritaville 5K was a race to the finish. However, this year safety ultimately came first.

Unlike most years when many people start the race all together, only five runners were allowed to cross the starting line at a time.

This small change was one of many at this year’s fifth annual 5K. Runners were happy with the safety protocol and actually prefer to race within the guidelines.

Racers say no one felt trampled on during the race, allowing for runners to only focus on beating personal best times.

The cancelation of races all over the country brought runners from all over the United States to the Coast. Baton Rouge resident Jessica Barbay said, “They just have every little protocol thought out and like I said the start is spaced out. It’s just really, really open and even if we go back to normal races, the spaced out will make you feel even better when you run so you’re not cramped. This is the start of Christmas for us. This is a joy, a little present for myself. If you want to start running start running. It’s really, really good and you’ll a have really fun time and dress up. It makes it fun.”

To keep everyone safe, there was no post-race celebration and runners had to mask back up once they crossed the finish line.

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