Field trips return to IMMS

A sign that life is getting back to normal is field trips for school kids. Today, students from Vancleave Elementary School made the trip to the Institute for Marine Mammal Studies in Gulfport for a hands-on experience.

Dolphins, birds, and lots of buoyant kids. The Jackson County school district made waves at the Ocean Adventures Marine Park when several busloads of students filled its exhibit rooms.

Wonderment abound as dolphins showed off their skills, eager for the spotlight and a bite to eat.

Parents like Andrea Tanner say the experience is elevating for young minds. “It’s enriching to the students to see what sea life is down here in the Gulf itself — like the dolphins are out in the sound and the Gulf of Mexico.”

Dr. Moby Solangi was excited to share his facility with the happy bunch of children. “I think after the pandemic, everything was pent up. Now we’re seeing the schools open and we’re bringing in these large field trips. I think it’s time for our students to have fun.”

Some kids paused to tell News 25 their favorite part of their adventure. Rose Rushing said, “I like when we see the dolphins.” Ellie Sawyer said, “The dolphins because they’re soft.”

Aurora Murphy said, “That I get to pet the stingrays because they’re like slimy and that’s cool.”

These 300 or so kids from Vancleave — Jackson County Schools — have been cooped up for the last two years. Now they finally get the chance to get out and explore a little bit. “Well, it gives the kids an outlook on what’s out in nature, to get close to it, interact with it, and I think it’s much better learning than sitting in a classroom — it’s a good break.”

Tickets for Ocean Adventures start at $16 for adults and $14 for kids.

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