‘Feeding the Gulf Coast’ tackles COVID-19 crisis

In light of the Coronavirus outbreak, for some residents on the Coast, food insecurities are becoming a growing concern.

With many people throughout the world worrying about contracting Coronavirus, some families here on the Coast are worrying about where their next meal will come from. That’s where organizations like ‘Feeding the Gulf Coast’ step in. ‘Feeding the Gulf Coast’ Vice President of Development and Marketing Cyndy Baggett said, “Prior to Covid-19, in our South Mississippi Service area, so that’s across the eight counties in Mississippi that we serve, we would generally provide 161,000 nutritious meals to nearly 8,000 families in those eight counties. The need we’re seeing is nearly doubling the call for our efforts.”

Since the outbreak began in March, the food bank has been able to provide 314,375 meals through single-day mobile distributions, prepare 5,300 meals daily to feed children through it’s emergency summer meals program, and distribute nearly 1,573,200 meals to the organization’s community partners across the central Gulf Coast.

Baggett says the service needs are on the rise, but so is the support of the community. “We’ve also seen an increase in people who want to help those in need. So, our donations have not fallen off. We’ve seen an incredible response from the community. It’s honestly just inspiring because I think it’s something we can all relate to because it is happening to all of us.”

These are tough, uncertain times the entire world is facing, but Baggett says for the Coast it’s not the first time we’ve shown our strength. “We’re no stranger to the rebuilding process. We’ve all rebuilt our homes and our businesses following hurricanes and other natural disasters and we’ve rebuilt after the recession. So, the way that we plan to rebuild after COVID-19 is in the same way, we’re resilient. We know the communities that we serve over here are resilient and so I think the one thing that we’re learning is that together we can do this and that as I’ve mentioned has been so inspiring.”

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