Feed my Sheep offered free COVID-19 tests

Feed my Sheep in Gulfport is putting in extra work to make sure the community is safe and healthy during this global pandemic.

Today for the second time this month, Feed my Sheep provided free COVID-19 testing. Anyone was welcome to get tested for the coronavirus.

A medical professional first asked patients a series of questions and if they believe a person may be at risk they will administer the COVID-19 on site.

Along with providing free COVID-19 tests, Feed my Sheep has been working hard to feed the community. The organization has been putting out nearly 700 meals each day during the pandemic. Feed my Sheep Chairman of the Board David Lion said, “The homeless population that comes here for a meal are living in very close proximity often. They don’t have the advantage to be able to watch the news and see what they should be doing as far as wearing masks and social distancing. They aren’t constantly reminded of that living in these communes without any expose to news.”

Feed my Sheep plans to host more COVID-19 testing days in the future.

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