Federal Lawsuit Alleges Corruption

Fraud, embezzlement, tax evasion…just some of the criminal activities a former Gautier Police Captain says he discovered, and reported. He says they were taking place at the city’s police department, while he worked there. Former Gautier Police Captain Jerry Cooksey, filed a federal lawsuit yesterday, alleging corruption, against the city and Gautier Police Chief Dante Elbin. The lawsuit claims that Cooksey, the plaintiff, reported these illegal activities, including alleged time sheet fraud within the department, to Chief Elbin. In response, the lawsuit alleges that Chief Elbin responded he would be able to explain it away and that no one would question his reasons. News 25 reached out to the Gautier Police Department for comment and asked to speak with Chief Elbin. We were told he was not immediately available, but will be apprised of our request. We also sought comment from the city of Gautier, and are waiting to hear back from them. We’ll keep you posted.

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