Fear Free Certification

One local vet is taking the “pet” out of petrified by using new techniques through his fear free certification. Fear Free creates a relaxed environment for cats and dogs so their anxiety drops at the vet’ office. Dr. Michael Sheffield of Lakeview Animal Hospital heard about the fairly new certification and wanted to bring the techniques to his practice in D’Iberville. He tells News 25 some of the tricks include treats, surrounding the pet with toys, and even medication to help with their anxiety. In return, it lowers the stress of the pet owner. if we can get the dog or that cat to come in and be excited about being here it not only relieves the fear and anxiety and stress of the pet but it also does with that owner and that makes them want to come back because we don’t want to make this a place where they only get needles, they only get handled rough, we want to make this a place where it’s like another day for them and it’s exciting to be here. The only other local vet on the gulf coast who is also fear free certified is in Escatawpa Mississippi. Dr. Sheffield believes these new techniques will spread as more veterinarians learn about it.

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