Favre Goes from Hometown to Hall of Fame

Newly elected NFL Hall of Famer Brett Favre was back on his home field today, taking a chance to catch up with high school players from his old alma mater and to honor the team where he started his football career. News 25’s Hank Davis was there and has the details.
Brett Favre is football royalty. Coming out of Hancock High School, he was relatively unknown until he made a name for himself at the University of Southern Mississippi and eventually took the NFL by storm.
Today wasn’t about Hattiesburg, Green Bay or Canton. Today, Brett Favre had a chance to share his story with young men standing where he once stood and he had a pretty cool gift for Hancock High.
Usually when a player is enshrined in the Hall of Fame, his plaque will be on display in Canton forever, but Brett wanted to bring his back to where his football journey started. “All my family still lives here. I’ve never lost sight of where I’m from. My dad coached here for close to 30 years.”
As the former quarterback took time to address the team, sharing a few stories, some personal experiences and football wisdom that very few possess, it didn’t fall on deaf ears. Current Hancock High quarterback Steven Good was inspired hearing an all-time great talk about the time he once spent in the Hawk’s huddle. “It is motivation to make you wanna work harder. It really means a lot to the school and the community for him to show support to the school. We’ll have a good chance this year to hopefully go to the playoffs and have a really good season.”
Favre says he’s proud of where he comes from and having a chance to come back and make an impact is one thing football has given him that he clearly cherishes. “That’s the neat thing about coming back, we’re all family.It’s nice to come back and just sharing such an awesome moment in my life with Hancock is pretty special.”

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