Father of the Year

Father’s Day is right around the corner and the Biloxi Lions Club shifted their focus to choosing Father of the Year.

News 25’s Payton Malone lets us hear from the dad who won the award and his daughter who nominated him.

“My father is the father of the year because he is nice, very intelligent, funny,  and a good singer.” These are just a few things Ava Stoddard loves about her dad, Clayton, and what ultimately led to his award as Father of the Year by the Biloxi Lions Club. Clayton said, “In a time we’re in, it’s an honor. Being a good parent and good father, as I’m looking at my daughter, is important.”

And all eyes were on Ava as the ten-year-old continued to read aloud all the things she loves about her dad, making him tear up as she took the audience on a stroll down memory lane, recalling some of her fondest memories during the fun they’ve had together. “We did a lot of fun stuff at the beach. We went go-carting. We went to the upside down house. He’s really funny, especially when we go on road trips.”

The Father of the Year award for the Biloxi Lions Club started back in 1999 and since then 19 dads have been award the prestigious title. “As a parent you try, you just try to do your best. You try to be a good parent and that’s being respected, being rewarded for trying and being a good parent is important,” said Clayton.

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