Family pet pig shot dead in Harrison County

A Gulfport family is heartbroken tonight after a shocking instance of animal abuse. After looking for their pet pig for six days, they found him dead near their house.

A Gulfport family is devastated after the found their missing pet potbelly pig on the side of the road, shot dead. Pet owner Cori Houston said, “I felt like I rescued him. I bottle fed him all the way up until he was a couple months old. He was just very spoiled, a very spoiled little pig. I kept him inside. He was potty trained. He was just a part of our family.”

Cori says her potbelly pig was missing for almost a week before they found him dead. This left her five-year-old son, Steel, heartbroken. Steel has autism and he leaned on his pet pig, Bacon, for emotional support. “So, he took care of Bacon. He would help me all of the time. We would walk him down the road on a leash and he would feed him all of the time, feed him cookies. He would sleep with him. He would cuddle with him. He was just a part of our family.”

Harrison County Sheriff Troy Peterson says shooting an animal is considered animal abuse. Cori doesn’t know who killed her pet pig. “They threw him out the truck. You can tell where it looked like he rolled. He had abrasions everywhere. He just rolled down the hill and I called my husband and said ‘let’s get a bag and let’s bring him home,’ and I checked him out and he had that bullet in him.”

Through the tragedy of losing her pet, Cori says her neighbors have come together to support her family. Her first post on Facebook looking for Bacon was shared over 200 times. “I couldn’t believe how much support. I want to thank everyone. Thank you so much for sharing it, talking to me, looking for him. I had so many reports like ‘hey, I think I saw your pig’ and they would call me and I would immediately go out there and check it out. It just touched me. It really did just touch me.”

Cori hopes to get her son another pig in the near future.

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