Family of local 10-year-old undergoing back surgery plans to pay it forward

A Jackson County family will be traveling to Florida soon for a life-changing surgery for their 10-year-old daughter.

When you see ten-year-old Avyn Williams swing a bat or dance across the stage, you would never guess she’s having major back surgery this summer.

Avyn was diagnosed with scoliosis when she was a four. She has spent years in casts and braces until her doctor said it was time. Avyn’s mother, Sarah Williams, said, “As parents, no one wants their kids to have to face a surgery like this. But we’ve had a lot of time to prepare for it, obviously, being diagnosed at age four. We were told at that point that once she got past about 50 degrees, surgery would be necessary.”

Avyn’s spine is at a 60-degree curve. She will undergo a six-hour surgery to have rods and screws put into her back to straighten her spine. Avyn said she is ready to experience some normalcy. “I’m kind of nervous, but also excited because I won’t have to wear my brace at night.”

Avyn’s family is asking for a little bit of help and it’s as easy as going to your local gas station, picking out your favorite canned drink, and popping off the tab.

Avyn and her parents will be traveling to Orlando for surgery and staying at the Ronald McDonald House afterward.

Their stay is free, but they are planning to pay it forward using aluminum can tabs. Avyn’s father, Kyle Williams, said “When you see what Ronald McDonald House puts out, as far as the energy, the resources that they put out into the community. To wrap your mind around Coke tabs being used to pay a light bill – it takes a village to bring enough Coke tabs together to pay their light bill.”

They’re asking for help to take as many tabs as they can.

After her recovery, you can see Avyn back on the field, better than ever.

You can mail tabs to P.O. Box 711 Hurley, MS 39555 or drop tabs off at the Jackson County Baptist Association in Pascagoula or Agricola Hardware.

There will be a drive-through drop off at CVS in Hurley on May 19th at 6 p.m.

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