Family and supporters of Jaheim McMillan hold press conference in Gulfport

The family of Jaheim McMillan held a press conference to talk about the body cam footage released by the police.

Jaheim’s mother, along with supporters of her fight, discussed their reaction to seeing the shooting video released yesterday.

During the press conference, the family says that they are still in the process of fully breaking down the video of the shooting as well as the transcripts.

They say while they have “noticed several ‘discrepancies’ in the video compared to what they were originally told by the Gulfport Police Department,” they want to wait before discussing the full details due to legal reasons. Press Conference Spokesperson Nick Bezzell said, “I don’t want to interfere with Catrina’s legal representation, but anybody who heard what the law enforcement said – the Gulfport PD said – initially versus what’s on that video, you can clearly see that there are some discrepancies in what they said and what actually happened.”

The group will hold an official press conference where they will discuss more detail some time next week.

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