Families spend Memorial Day at Biloxi Beach

As people return to the Coast this Memorial Day Weekend, families and beachgoers are talking about their Memorial Day Weekend fun.

Plenty of patriotism was seen in the form of red, white, and blue swim trunks today on Biloxi beaches. Most families were fairly local, like the Reeve family. Yet four-year-old Zoe thought otherwise when asked how long their trip was. “Two hours!”

Mom Mandie Reeve just returned to work and needed to relax before getting back to her old routine. “Come to the beach and hangout with my kids. We’ve been quarantined too long. I just needed to get out.”

Most families used today as a day to get out the house. This is especially true for college student James Regina, who says he’s been cooped up for way too long. “I just needed to get out of the apartment. I could have gone to Walmart and been pretty happy, but the beach is nice.”

James said since his college classes were pushed online, he has been waiting to get out of the house. Although his day at the beach isn’t completely carefree, when asked how everyone should be spending their Memorial Day he replied: “Safe! Right now, safe. Just doing all of the protocols correctly.”

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