False lockdown at Harrison Central High School

It was a scary situation this morning at Harrison Central High School where a lockdown ended up being a false call.

It prompted a lot of panic, especially for parents.

Parents of students at Harrison Central High School were in an uproar after a false lockdown was made. Many parents and students were trying to figure out exactly what happened. Parent Beth Hickman said, “It’s terrifying, especially after what happened the other day. That is scary.”

The street leading up to the high school was filled with cars as parents sought answers after many students made calls to their parents. Parent Mr. Brown said, “I know what’s going. He’s texting me every second. I told him walk outside and come to the gate.”

According to Harrison County School District, an “unauthorized call for a lockdown at Harrison Central High School was made this morning and there was never any threat.” Harrison County School District Superintendent Mitchell King said, “There was never any danger for anyone on the campus at any time. There was never a person we know of on the campus that had a gun or that was armed in any way.”

Many of the students say it was alarming. Student Aiden Branstitter said, “It was definitely a little scary. I just didn’t want any of my friends to get hurt.”

Student Christian McDowell said, “A lady, she was crying beside me. She was hollering and a lot of people was texting me like from West Harrison, from Gulfport, and everything calling me and stuff. I was scared a little bit, just a little bit.”

One student says although it was a little nerve-wrecking, things of this nature have happened before. Student Jaxson Moore said, “I mean, this ain’t nothing like we had before. So many cops here, SWAT team, all that, but yeah, it’s a crazy experience.”

The Harrison County School District says they took the proper precautions to make sure the students were safe. Law enforcement responded to the school within two minutes of the call. Superintendent King said, “We do appreciate what the Harrison County Sheriff’s Department, Gulfport Police, and the Mississippi Highway Patrol did. They responded quickly and they went through the school and checked and swept the school to make sure there was no danger.”

The school district says this was an accidental call and they are investigating into how it happened. “We are trying to determine exactly how that happened and what we can do to prevent that from ever happening again.”

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