Fallen trees cause damage to homes in Pascagoula

Toppled trees slammed onto the roofs of several homes overnight in Pascagoula plus heavy rainfall from Tropical Storm Harvey. News 25’s Laurene Callander spoke with homeowners and takes us inside their damaged house.
Enormous trees toppled over homes in Pascagoula overnight on Wednesday, waking up several residents in a neighborhood off Canal Street. Resident Tyler Mackie said, “It sounded like rocks were hitting the back of the house so I got up to check it out and when I tried to open the back door it blew open and it was just wind coming in crazy.”
Mackie and Jamie Webb ran into a bathroom with their dogs to take shelter just before 2 a.m. Moments after, an alarming crash just a few feet away. “The tree came through and poked a hole through the ceiling and the tree is in my bathroom.”
While part of the large tree stems through the side bathroom, damage from Harvey also ruined a new purchase for the homeowners. “I just got a new car last Friday. Don’t even have the tag for it yet, yeah landed on my car,” said Webb.
Even with debris inside their home and a hole through their roof, the couple counts their blessings for being in the middle bathroom at the time of the crash. “There’s usually where we’re at because it’s at the corner of the house and for some reason we went to the middle bathroom and good thing because it came through where we usually sit,” said Mackie.
Authorities in Pascagoula urge residents to stay on their toes as forecasters predict a second wind of severe weather. Captain Doug Adams with Pascagoula PD said, “We’re still getting more and more rain so we just ask folks to be cautious and here again as we’ve told everybody when you see the high water turn around, don’t drive through it. We had several vehicles we had to push out of high waters last night.”

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