Facebook Video of Man Allegedly Beating Dog

A video of a man allegedly beating a dog in Biloxi is going viral.
The video shows a man putting a dog into a truck and what happens next, the woman claims the man beats the dog until it is unconscious with a flashlight. The woman tells News 25 the man beats the dog all the time.
The Facebook post of the video has gotten over 1,000 shares. The Biloxi police are investigating the incident. Captain Harold Windom with Biloxi PD said, “What I see is him put something that appears to be a dog in a truck and then beating on something. It really doesn’t show that the dog is being beat. It just shows he’s beating something in the truck. I’d much rather investigate 500 cases if I can find one person that’s hurting an animal.”
The Biloxi Police Department Animal Control officers have now signed an affidavit and will arrest the man seen beating the animal.

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