Façade Grant Program announced to help Gulfport businesses grow and thrive

Gulfport Main Street Association, in partnership with Mississippi Power, Mississippi Main Street, and the City of Gulfport, have implemented the Façade Grant Master Plan Program to help Gulfport businesses.

As the City of Gulfport continues to grow, the Façade Grant Program has been implemented once again to help local businesses grow and thrive in a forever changing economy. Gulfport Main Street Board President Jennifer Lee said, “The first façade grant program we did was several years following Hurricane Katrina. It was definitely important then because it brought back the historic old town vibes to the downtown Gulfport areas and to the Main Street foot print and we just feel it’s just as important today as our businesses are growing and changing.”

The program will focus on enhancing the overall appearance of the city’s innovation and quarters districts, located northwest of central downtown and north of the railroad tracks. “In this day and age, the small businesses just need to stay on their feet. We want to do whatever we can to help support them and give them a beautiful place to live, work, and play. It’s all part of a community that grows together.”

The goal is to continue to help businesses already operating in the innovation and quarters districts and foster new business developments. Gulfport Main Street Executive Director Laurie Toups said, “It’s all about the mom and pops. It’s all about the small businesses, that’s what really built our small cities all across the United States and it is the backbone of what keeps Gulfport going.”

Depending on how many businesses apply will determine the amount given out. Those interested in applying for the façade grant program can visit downtowngulfport.org.

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