F.E.M.A. Recovery Office in Biloxi Could Close

Mississippi Coast Coliseum officials are trying to help save F.E.M.A’s Biloxi recovery office from closing its doors.

More than 200 hundred F.E.M.A. employees’ jobs are on the line thanks to a government sequester. Coliseum Director, Bill Holmes, presented a resolution to the Harrison County Board of Supervisors Monday to try to gain their support in getting the attention of Congress. The F.E.M.A. offices are owned by the Coliseum and their business brings in close to a million dollars in rent for the Coliseum.

Holmes says, “It’s a tremendous economic impact in this community and they’re processing forms from throughout the United States. They’re actually so good, so professional, and so efficient at what they do, their mission has been expanded beyond Katrina.”

If the office closes, some of the 200 employees will be transferred to offices in Texas.

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