Ezell Refuses to Debate McIlrath in Sheriff’s Runoff

With just two weeks until the runoff election, the Jackson County Sheriff’s race is heating up.

Mike Ezell and Scott McIlrath are facing off November 25th, having received the most votes in the Jackson County Sheriff’s race on November 4th. This week, McIlrath called upon Ezell for a debate, and Tuesday night, Ezell responded, citing the candidate forums previously held before the November 4th election amongst his reasons for declining to debate.

Ezell says, “I’m humbled and grateful to the 43% of voters who went to the polls and voted overwhelmingly for Mike Ezell. With all due respect, I decline your offer for yet another debate. The time to debate is over.

McIlrath says, “I’m disappointed in him. I think 17,000 voters on November 4th said they wanted something different. They want a break from the past. They don’t want politics as usual, but apparently that’s what we’re going to have, politics as usual.”

The two will face off November 25th in a runoff election. Wednesday, election results will be certified and the runoff will become official.

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