Extrication demonstration at MGCCC

Paramedic and emergency medical technology students from Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College got a taste of the real world today.

Fire rescue crews from Gulfport Fire Department performed a vehicle extrication demonstration for the students. The demonstration showed firefighters working to free patients from entanglement and they used equipment like cutters, Jaws of Life, hydraulic rams, airbags, and cribbing to lift a car or force open windows.

EMS students tell News 25 this was a good chance for them to learn how it would be in a real life situation to work hand-in-hand with firefighters. Student Dalton Hartley said, “If we arrive on scene in the future we know what to expect and that we are not sitting in the ambulance wondering what is taking so long because it is a time consuming process and we need to be safe about it.”

Student Bill Stephenson said, “A book is one thing but seeing it in person is really nice to see how we can actually take the person out without causing any injuries to them as well.”

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