Expansion coming soon to Big Play Entertainment Center in Biloxi

Big Play Entertainment Center is adding a variety of new features including two roller coasters to its property.

The ever-expanding Coast is to set to add more fun very soon. Big Play Entertainment Center is getting ready to add two rollercoasters and a bumper car attraction to its growing property and is hoping to become the next can’t miss spot along the Coast. Owner Brandon Wooldridge said, “It’s very exciting. You know, we started out with just a miniature golf course originally and just kind of grown every year from there and we’re really excited for the things that are coming.”

The bumper car attraction is currently being built on the east side of the property. Wooldridge says the company has already received the permit for the attraction and will hopefully have it open sometime in the next few weeks. “We’re really just happy to see us continue to grow. We finally got the properties cleaned up; it hasn’t been touched since Katrina, so we it cleaned up, put the side down. Hopefully we can do some community events out here like a few concerts or something like that.”

The smaller of the two rollercoasters will ship down from New Jersey some time in the next couple of weeks.

However, the property needs to make a few construction adjustments before the company can get a permit for the ride.

The larger of the two rollercoasters is a $1 million project that will be shipped from Italy.

The smaller of the two rides is expected to be up and running in a few weeks barring the permit while the larger ride isn’t expected to hit the Coast until May. “We still got some things we need to do for them to get the permit and everything worked out. Of course, this bumper car is permitted and we’re hoping that will be up and running in the next two, three weeks. Spring break is typically the starting point. We try to get everything done before then or by Memorial Day.”

Other projects are on their way as well such as a brand-new laser tag room and party zone building. This project is still several months away with a timetable for completion still some time at the end of this summer. “We’ll be adding on an about 10,000 square feet, two-story building. We’re doing a 40-person laser tag arena, adding some office space, new birthday party rooms, some rest rooms and a few other attractions and another parking lot.”

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