Evaluating storm damage in Pascagoula

Conditions in the City of Pascagoula improve as Hurricane Sally heads east.

However, there’s some limbs scattered on the roads of Pascagoula as they were knocked around by strong gusts of winds.

As of now, residents are encouraged to stay off major roadways while crews are cleaning up outside.

Some residents are without power and the city received some minimal storm damage as road and commercial signs were down along with traffic lights out on Highway 90.

The Pascagoula Police Department can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that they are no longer in Hurricane Sally’s path. Pascagoula Police Chief Matt Chapman said, “I got worried Saturday. You know when it started crossing the tip of Florida we were thinking maybe it will just disperse but when it got in the Gulf and starting organized we’re like well we’re going to have to get prepared here. We mustered everybody on Sunday and got prepared for this thing and these last couple of days everybody has been on edge.”

For now, the water has receded and cleanup is only expected to take a few days. Pascagoula Police Chief says “we dodged a bullet on this one.”

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