Erosion control project on Front Beach in Ocean Springs nears completion

Work being done on Front Beach in Ocean Springs is expected to be completed by the end of the month.

The over one-million-dollar erosion control project was expected to be complete last summer, but was delayed mainly due to the heavy amount of rain we received.

The improvements should help water drain more adequately and better prevent erosion.

The only work that’s left is the addition of pedestrian bridges that will connect the roadway to the sidewalk and placing bollards to prevent cars from driving into the swells.

The county is also working on a beach-wide sand renourishment project to get the sand levels back to where they should be. Jackson County Project Manager Matthew Hosey said, “We’re still waiting to receive our permit from the Army Corp of Engineers to allow us to replenish the sand on the beach to the full extent that it should. So, hopefully in the matter of a couple of weeks or a month, we can get the right amount of sand to truck in and build it back to where it should be.”

About 15 percent of the sand on Front Beach has been washed away by natural causes.

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