Enhancements near the Biloxi Lighthouse

Contractors are working to increase the number of parking spaces for Biloxi Beach guests near the lighthouse.

Just south of Highway 90, across from the Biloxi Visitors Center, construction is underway and at the lighthouse, shrubs have been removed with grass for a more polished look.

The over $530,000 project is scheduled to be complete in November.

City of Biloxi Public Affairs Specialist Cecilia Dobbs Walton said this plan has been in the works to accompany and accommodate the Fred Haise monument located in the area. “Mayor Gilich has a vision to revamp the parking. What he is going to do is increase the parking from 78 parking spaces to 182 parking spaces with 12 handicap. The reason is for the Fred Haise monument. Fred Haise is an astronaut that was on Apollo 13, but he’s a Biloxi native. He was born here. So, Mayor Gilich is very proud of that Biloxian. So, he’s erecting a statue that is going to be in the parking area.”

The city plans to have a Fred Haise dedication ceremony once construction is complete.

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