Energy production in Mississippi

Consumer Energy Alliance, a nonprofit group based out of Houston, Texas visited Biloxi as part of their new campaign aimed at balancing and depoliticizing the energy discussion.
Energy production in the Gulf of Mexico provides vital resources across the country and through a new process of leasing offshore resources. Over eleven thousand jobs could be created in Mississippi and provide over 1.6 billion dollars in state revenue.
Those with CEA tell News 25 Mississippi is a clear example of how the country can have a robust energy sector and protect the environment. Consumer Energy Alliance Vice President Brent Greenfield said, “Here in Mississippi for example and in other Gulf Coast states, you have a situation where you’ve got an energy industry that’s been active and healthy and you’ve also got other industries such as the seafood and fishing industries, tourism that have been thriving as well. So I think it is a microcosm and is an example to others around the country that this doesn’t need and shouldn’t be an either or choice.”
The new offshore leasing is part of President Trump’s America First Offshore Energy Strategy executive order which was signed earlier this year.

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