Endangered turtle nest in Pass Christian without eggs

If you remember the story News 25 brought you about the endangered sea turtle nest on the beach in Pass Christian we have a disappointing update.
There were no eggs found in the nesting area where the rare logger head sea turtle was expected to hatch her young. The nest was being monitored by experts with the Marine Institute for Mammal Studies in Gulfport. Rescue workers had sectioned off the nest about a mile from the Pass Christian Harbor.
Marine scientists tell News 25 there are various explanations for the no-show. Dr. Moby Solangi said, “It could have been absorbed. There could have been some flooding. So there’s all sorts of reasons why there was nothing out there. If you have flooding, the nests get flooded, and after a certain period of time, everything just deteriorates.”
Marine experts say these nests are easily disrupted by both people and Mother Nature. IMMS scientists tell News 25 there are more sea turtle nests on the barrier islands away from public beaches.

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