End to red snapper season

Fishermen are reeling in their final casts today for the end of red snapper season.
Recreational anglers in Mississippi had 39 days to fish for red snapper in state and federal waters. Each week up until 11:59 tonight, red snapper season opened on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.
News 25 caught up with a captain out in the Biloxi Small Craft Harbor early this morning. He tells News 25 the rain affected most of the red snapper season, but he hopes to see an improvement for the next recreational season. Captain Gary Geno said, “It should be good. I think it will be good. It depends on the weather. Again, the kind of winter we had, we had a mild winter. This summer we had a lot of rain and most rain we’ve had and I’m 65 that I can remember. So, it factors in. It’s a salt water fish and rain is fresh so you gotta deal with it.”
Those still planning to head out in the water until 11:59 tonight, you are required to participate in the DMR’s program for red snapper called ‘Tails n Scales.’ The reporting program is available through a smartphone app, a website, and a call center.

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