‘Embrace the Coast’ campaign starting in 2020

Next year, all five Gulf Coast states will be learning to ‘embrace the Coast’ for a one–of-a kind campaign.

This morning at the Gulfport Connection breakfast, Gulf of Mexico Alliance Director Laura Bowie broke down for those attending just how this campaign is going to work.

‘Embrace the Coast’ will celebrate the value, sustainability, and beauty of the region. They have a large social media effort they are fronting with 365 messages about the Coast’s tourism, environment, communities, and industries to share each day of 2020.

Bowie says it is all about highlighting the good in the Gulf and not the tragedies. “What we want people to learn from this is that the Gulf Coast is not just about oil spills and hurricanes. We have so much to offer. We adapt to our changing environment all the time and our communities are thriving. Our industries are thriving and it is because we value healthy ecosystems which create productive economies.”

All five states have had governor proclamations naming 2020 the year to embrace the Coast. Gulf of Mexico Alliance says you should also be prepared for state wide celebrations for this campaign.

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